How we created a Slack bot for bank alerts

At we create many technical solutions that make our jobs easier. One of those is being able to quickly track bank alerts from sources like GTBank, Zenith Bank, UBA, Skye Bank and First Bank.

Since we use Slack for team communication primarily, it only makes sense that our finance experts can get immediate Slack notifications when that cash hits the bank 🙌🏽


Using a Google script and Slack’s developer tools we have been able to make this possible.

Slight note; the code depends on DOM elements which means it is liable to unexpected breakage when any of the banks email format is changed. So be sure to contribute fixes if you notice it is broken.

The source code for the project is here, fork and submit a pull request. You are more than welcome to add support for other banks email alerts.

Engineer @aboutyou_tech

Engineer @aboutyou_tech