Running ReactJS and Deploying from my iPad

Choosing a technology

First, I had to choose a technology. What I wanted primarily was speed and ease of development and deployment. So after considering various options like Gatsby, Hugo, Statamic, I decided to go with something simple. My own CRUD set up using NextJS.

Creating a development workflow on the iPad

Unlike traditional desktop computers, when attempting to develop for the iPad, you have to think of a good workflow. This is because, unlike my Mac where I have one command line and every thing flows through there, I have to use dedicated apps for the iPad.

Hosting and Deployment

Well technically this was the easiest decision I made. I already know of how awesome it is to use Netlify. All I needed to do was add the netlify.toml file, and make a few changes and it was ready to be deployed.


This was a fun experiment creating an entirely functioning application directly from the iPad. Currently, like I said earlier, I connected my Raspberry Pi using USB-C to the iPad. This allows me to use the Pi as an ethernet provider.



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